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Swatch Book $25

Checkbook style holder stashes all your colors neatly in your bag. Look instantly healthier and younger with these 48 color swatches. Save money -- avoid purchasing "mistakes". Paypal only.

stylemakeovers swatch book cover
stylemakeovers swatch book
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Swatch Packet $25

Neutral Fabric Swatches $8

These little neutral fabric squares will help you build the foundation of your wardrobe. Use these to purchase jackets, slacks, shoes, bags, or any item requiring a neutral shade. There are 10 to 15 neutral fabric samples, depending on your palette. They are not mounted. These colors are included in the swatch books above

warm autumn neutral swatches
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Neutral Fabric Swatches $8

Color Analysis Work-up $15

Not sure what color palette you and need a full photo analysis? Try our easy color analysis service. You send the photo(s), and we virtually drape you to arrive at your personal color palette. Perfect for those who just aren't sure.

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Returns: Return postmarked 10 days from receipt for full refund or exchange of product excluding shipping cost