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Donald Trump

I don’t need to give any color advise to Donald
Trump. He obviously knows his coloring. These colors
are perfect for a LIGHT SPRING:


Abby (as presented) is a clear winter. But I
believe she is naturally a light summer (see
childhood photo). I have come across a few
individuals who alter their coloring and it
works for them because their personality pulls
it off.


Note: roughly adjusted hair color to a lighter shade
just to give an idea

NCIS Survey!

For the last 8 weeks I’ve watched 8 seasons of NCIS.  The characters

happily cover most of the basic color palettes.  So I thought it would be fun

to take a look at the main characters, starting with Gibbs.


Although they frequently put him in orange which sends me into little fits, he

is really flattered by the coolest end of the color spectrum.

cool guy Gibbs

cool guy Gibbs

Next up:  one that’s a bit tougher due to her drastic hair color

alteration…the one and only Abby.


There are many, many spring types in England.  Kate Middleton is not

one of them.  Of the two palettes shown below, we think cool summer is best.




I saw Mads Mikkelsen in the film “The Hunt” recently & in between

reading subtitles I was trying to figure out his coloring…



We did a little photo workup on him and found that

soft summer works well for him, but we doubt that Hannibal has a closet full

of soft summer colors.  Complicated character…complicated coloring.


The staff at stylemakeovers enthusiastically stand behind Coco Chanel and her color theory…”the best color is the one that looks good on you”.   Plus we throw in a little scientific color theory from Chevreul, Munsell, & Ostwald and voila!  A color makeover is born.

While we will color type celebrities here on the blog, keep in mind you can get your own virtual color makeover done, too.  Why should they have all the fun?


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